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About Home
About Home



We are passionate about photography, people, and getting the most out of life! Everyday, we are given the exciting opportunity to live a story and we are blessed to be able to tell your story through photographs. We can't wait to get to know you, so send us an e-mail anytime at

About Us...

Brightwood Photography is Tim Kressin, Davis Goslin, Greg Balkin, and Becca Geach. We sing, dance, make silly faces, play music, harmonize, and you guessed it - take pictures. Yep, we're pretty much a 90's pop band. Only difference is, we don't perform for millions of over excited teenage girls; We take photos for you and we do it with style.

When we're not busy touring the world dancing, singing, and dressing up in ridiculous outfits, we become a group of young and energetic college students who are trying to pay our tuition in a unique way. We wanted a job that would allow us to expand our skills and talents, so we created one.

We are located in Southern California but don't let that stop you from hiring us because we LOVE to travel!